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There is a new app similar to Nansen called CahinEdge developed by people around OnChainWizzard. First month no registration, free usage - beta version.

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list of web3 privacy-oriented tools :ninja:

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Hey everyone and thank you for inviting me here. I have done quite some research on privacy and anon L1s and L2s before. Happy to work on the research with you all

Hello. And welcome. Great to see some lunarpunks researches on board

ETH-XMR atomic swap implementation

atomic-swap/ at master · AthanorLabs/atomic-swap · GitHub - how it works

thx. this is really interesting. Will look into this more.

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Hey guys!
Since today we finally tweeted about our tokenomics (yay!!), what do you think about this small guide?
Do the points of analysis seem valid to you?

I need to read it more properly, but it seems like a good introduction to tokenomics.

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Hey all!

Wanted to drop here this website:
Contains much material prohibited by many governments, such as some wikileaks docs. it’s such a big archive i haven’t gone through it that much, but it’s a good resource to share

And also this cool instrument to share info over notes in the internet: Pastenym

enjoy :wink: :ninja:


Hey Privacy people!

I’m reaching out to you about our cookieless and privacy-first web analytics tool Hardal, optimized for web2 and web3. We have recently completed the beta version of the tool.

We have dedicated several months to developing our tool and are now eager to reach out to those who can benefit from it.

Web analytics tools are an indispensable phenomenon of the internet and we think that they must be privacy-first.

The cookie era is now over

If you want to give our tool a shot, you can use this link: Hardal 🌭 Next-gen cookieless and privacy-first web analytics platform, alternative to Google Analytics

Let me know if you want to share your ideas!


thank you, sounds great! Will check out asap.

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wow interesting, thanks for sharing

Any input or comments you have about it would be valued! Thank you for taking the time to look at it.

Hey, sorry for the slow response. Just started to look at this. Where do I delete a webpage I no longer want to analyze? I see that this tool could be helpful to share with the community the metadata leakage connected to visitors on the web page and wiki, which can inform us how to improve privacy. We can get a better understanding for how much ppl engage with the web and the wiki and if the materials are interesting (average visit time). What is bounce rate and churn rate?


Thank you for trying out the tool. I truly appreciate your interest in our product.

To delete a webpage, please navigate to Settings and select Danger.

You can track user engagement with your web and wiki pages without tracking cookies and without infringing upon the privacy of your users.

You can check this blog post to learn more about the metrics like bounce rate and churn rate. Maximizing Web3 Adoption with Effective UX Analytics - Hardal 🌭 New way of web3 analytics

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

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Appreciate your knowledge. Do you do any lessons, or reports. Would you like to make something for our wiki, so the users can learn from all these sources?

Thank you for your answer. The ‘Danger’ selection is disabled and I cannot delete the added page. For the others, I am not receiving any information at all. Is there some setting needed for this to function or what might I have missed?

If you are still unable to delete your page, please submit a request here.

We would be happy to have you join our Discord group to provide more assistance with support.

Just came across by accident Privacy Redirect add-on to Firefox. It redirects Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Google Maps links to privacy-friendly front-ends or alternatives (Nitter, Invidious, Bilbliogram and Openstreetmap). I receive a lot of links to those services and find a re-directer very convenient tbh. Do have suggestions for other privacy oriented browser add-ons or extensions?

Github: GitHub - SimonBrazell/privacy-redirect: A simple web extension that redirects Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Google Maps requests to privacy friendly alternatives.