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When I type make BINS=drk

error: could not compile subtle due to 19 previous errors

If I scroll up, it tells me the individual errors are caused by it being unable to find certain “values” or “traits in this scope”

maybe run just the ircd make for now. this will help you to get into ircd where darkfi dev channel can help with the other stuff.

% git clone https://github.com/darkrenaissance/darkfi 
% cd darkfi
% make BINS=ircd
% sudo make install BINS=ircd

Fails just the same (it was the make BINS=ircd that failed in the first place).

Sorry for the inconvenience. Not sure what I’m doing wrong


First of all you don’t have to be sorry. I think i had the same problem, i don’t remember exactly the solution but we can look into it together. I’ll message you privately

Hi everyone,

I’m Reve|at|on. I’m currently working on building a privacy L2 on Ethereum called Obscuro.


Welcome! Nice to have you here

If you wanna share something more like articles please do so, we’re always happy to expand our knowledge :slight_smile:

Try this:
rustup override set nightly
in darkfi dir:
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown
if error:
curl -sf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/brson/multirust/master/blastoff.sh | sh

That shall do.

Master of space tech galactic level opsec. Need privacy. Stablecoin token. Quantum resistance. Smart contract. DAO support for my project. What I need doesn’t fully exist yet.


“Master of space tech galactic level opsec” sounds very cool. Welcome @EliteSavior :slightly_smiling_face:

NEX from Another galaxy. I explore the universe via astral projection! :wink:


Welcome @nexx from another galaxy :sparkles:

Hey guys, i’m Riku from the TakeItBackCollective.
We are building a platform that aims to be the point of entry for users, projects, businesses & organizations that align with our shared vision wherein independent/sovereign individuals work side by side
for a better and fair world. A world with equal opportunities for everyone! I’m really happy to be here! Cheers guys!


Hy @Riku_TheCollective and welcome. You coming in the best time. Our genesis event - the initial raise is coming up!

Do you want to join our monday community meeting to share more about possible collaboration?

Hi ogma, thx for the invite. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately i am not able to attend this monday, but possibly another near future community event.
It’s always good to connect!

Have a nice day!


Hey! Eric/nullchinchilla from melproject.org and geph.io here :slight_smile:


Mel in the house. Welcome!!! Will get back to you on the light theme.

Hi all! I’m Grav from Firn Protocol!
Let’s make the world private together.


Hey, Proposal accepted! Let’s do it! :100:


Hi @Grav, nice to meet you!

I saw your tweet about firn

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Woohoo! Great to meet you both. At Firn we believe that what we are offering will change the privacy space forever. In many way you can think of us as Ethereum to Zcash’s (and quite literally every other privacy platform/chain’s) Bitcoin. Account-based privacy starts with Firn. you can view our docs here and our technical whitepaper here. Visit us at app.firn.cash.
I would love to talk to someone about submitting a proposal for investment consideration! We love what you all are doing here and think we could make for a killer partnership.