Community meetings

:point_right: The first community meeting is taking place tomorrow, Thursday 18 UTC, in ircd!

:clap: :rocket: :clap: :rocket:

Hello lunarpunks! Happy new year! :partying_face: :ninja:

We are looking forward to working with you all in 2023 and creating a big anon community that can be antifragile and outside of state domination.

!!! NEXT MEETING: Monday Jan 2nd at 18pm UTC on ircd!!

Waiting for you all :wink:


Hey everyone! :crescent_moon:

Community meetings will happen regularly, EVERY MONDAY & THURSDAY at 18 UTC on ircd.
So, see you all this Thursday 5th!

I am happy to see more people slowly joining the meetings! :clap: :clap:

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Totally!!! The community is definitely growing :fire:

Hey everyone!! Hope you are doing well :slightly_smiling_face:

Work is proceeding really great and the squad is growing day by day, we’re very hyped :fire:
Just wanted to remind of our community meeting, today, 18UTC!

You can find instructions to install irc in the first message of this topic or ask any of us!

Let’s go!! :ninja:

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Hey everyone!!

Today we’re having the :boom:monthly planning meeting. :boom:
We’re incredibely happy with all this community engagement and want to invite you all to participate.
Let’s build together what the next steps will be for LunarDAO!! :new_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face:

Here you can find the instructions to install ircd: ircd
And here’s the topics for tonight:

  1. updates
  2. OKRs template
  3. OKRs February
  4. article button name
  5. voice anonymizer updates
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Really good meeting. The OKRs system discussion was great. See results here.


Looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting, guys! :new_moon: :sparkles:

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:boom:Join us tomorrow Feb 09th 17UTC for a meeting about wiki research before community meeting!
We want to understand how to follow up on research based on community’s needs

Follow these instructions to set up ircd!:point_down::point_down:


Hey guys, see you all at the community meeting in 1h :fire:

Today’s topics are:

  • general updates
  • $VOX ETH healthy ratio

:metal: Remember that we meet in ircd every Monday & Thursday at 19CET!

I didn’t see anyone on ircd last Monday? I was hoping to see some kind of feedback for the first sale of Vox and the next steps.

Where do the people hang out? Telegram? TG is so opaque when it comes to privacy, even if it seems convenient.

Why not make ircd the place to be?

We had a lively meeting, can paste a log if you want.

Thanks, weird, I was wondering why it was so quiet. #devs is active but #lunardao isn’t. I’ll double check my connection settings. I had rebooted weechat several times and perhaps it didn’t autoconnect?..

See you there soon hopefully!

We will have a meeting tomorrow and then we talked to have only on Mondays and slow down a bit to concentrate everyone into one day and not spread too thin.

btw see your msgs there.

Feel free to add topics to the meetings, here is the syntax for the bot ircd