Wiki: knowledge and skills build by the community

:point_right: is the main source of documentation, manuals, research reports, tools and knowledge of the DAO.

Use an existing topic or create a new one to propose:

  • wiki page edits
  • additions
  • new wiki categories
  • new pages, reports, tools etc
  • disagreements with the content

The proposals can be in a form of:

  • Discussion
  • Quoting parts of the wiki with a proposed change
  • Sharing an .md document with proposed changes to an existing one or as a new one.

In case of referring to an existing page, please share a link to the source

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Small note, but there is a typo in this line:

"Google hold over 70% of hte browser market and through IP addresses track what we do on internet. "


Thank you, will repair it tonight.