Welcome to LunarDAO!

With LunarDAO we want to create a force that can bring not just liberatory tech or supporting upcoming or existing privacy projects, but also ideas, education and resources that can further our autonomy. The forum is a place where we can dicuss our different experiences and perspectives, as well as sharing information, knowledge and tool as well as current proposals for DAO development and investment. This is a place to not only introduce lunarpunk, but a place for practical implementation through our intiatives, collaboration and communication. Everyone on this forum can also practice lunarpunk imaginary through the approach we take in relation to each other. Anonymity and privacy should be used to protect ourselves and each other from surveillance and further our liberation. To use it to communicate with each other without respect, through racist or sexist language is strengthening the hegemonic forces and will separate us. When we disagree with someone here, we can explain our position with integrity. If someone doesn’t understand, we can have patience and be a guide. Everyone started somewhere. We should lift each other up, build each other’s confidence. If we remain curious and open-minded we can learn a lot while still challenge each other to develop both our perspectives as well as our practice.

Here you’ll find discussions threads on different topics such as on Philosophy, Liberatory tech and Markets with possibilities to open discussions on new topics. There is also Support if there are any questions or difficulties to install tools or find information.

You can also turn to our forum moderators for support: