Twitter Space Questions

Heres a thread for Twitter/X questions for our upcoming twitter spaces, we can use this for all Spaces going forward


The next twitter space will take place on Feb. 22, 15:00 UTC

The topic is:

Privacy applied, privacy tools in the real world

  • Drop any questions for the guests
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  • If you run a service, what are some tips you can give to a user to maximize their privacy?
  • What are some common privacy pitfalls?
  • What actionable steps can a person or group of people can do to quickly level up their privacy?
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What are some of your personal philosophy towards privacy?

Acknowledge the challenge of balancing convenience with privacy and provide practical tips on finding a middle ground that suits individual preferences and comfort levels.

For many purchases unfortunately card payment is needed.
Which prepaid card companies (which doesn’t require any identifying information) are trustworthy and are there any limitation where the cards can be used? Are these only digital or is it also possible to obtain physical payment cards?

What is the best option if one wants to get internet anon, which works all over the world?