Steward Proposals - Read Governance docs before submit!

Hello all,

I am batman and have already signed a proposal to join as a Steward.

I have been closely following the especially ethereum space since 2015 and have 10 years of experience in cryptocurrency investment and trading (imagine my bags). I believe I can help LunarDAO identify opportunities to advance the state of privacy in crypto space and hopefully on ethereum also. Please ask me any questions; hopefully you will end up voting for me. I would like to stay as anonymous as possible which I realize might be a drawback.


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Hey @bil

Good to have you here. Glad to see that you want to push the DAO further and help to identify the opportunities.

What role of the Stewards (the core team responsibility) you aim to do? We have been six of us for past half a year until the launch. Full time job. This will be probably adjusted as some people have to look for other responsibilities.

The Stewards are here to make sure the essential DAO operations are covered. Here is a part about stewards in the whitepaper, governance foundation.


LunarDAO Stewards (LunarDAO core team) is a committee dedicated to support and guide the essential works of the DAO. Initially, at launch, they include founding members of the DAO. The number of Stewards should not be less than three and no more than ten. The LunarDAO Stewards responsibilities includes, but are not limited to:

  • Operations
  • Administration
  • Community management
  • Information: Making sure all other DAO members are aware of proposals and are notified in time to be able to participate in voting
  • Implementation of community decisions
  • Investment communication & coordination
  • Partnerships & Networking
  • Legal advice coordination
  • Media & Presentation

Stewards have a separated 3/6 multisig for their operation. Fees of 0.25% from tribute and 0.5% per executed investment are sent to this wallet. Any other funding and budget has to be proposed via investment LIP and voted upon as any other proposal. Stewards’ wallet: 0xab501a8eb58c9780eb04d683feb504fce391a2dd

How to become a Steward

To become a Steward any member can write an LIP and propose to join. This follows the same governance process as any other LIP, steps are shared in LIP-0001. The proposal can include interests, experiences as well as expected level of commitment within the DAO, ideas and suggestions which can support LunarDAO mission as well as initiatives and activity of the member within the community.

Read more on GitHub - lunardao/dao: LunarDAO Architecture


With that said, I have few questions:

  1. Is actually being a dedicated Steward of LunarDAO the responsibility you want to take, or is it more an active community member and or researcher?

  2. What is your availability? And the expectation from the DAO and other stewards? As mentioned we took this as a full time job, mostly running invisible ops, admin, management, com’s etc. So far none of us got any payment, in fact we put money down or made deals to pay people later. This need to change for the DAO to work properly on the long term. Want to be transparent with how it has been till now.

  3. What is the particular work/focus you want to take within LunarDAO?


I am happy to see that someone with your experiences want to join the DAO core team and take the Steward role. We shall do it right in respect to the process of the DAO and set a good example for others as well.

As it’s stated: “To become a Steward any member can write an LIP and propose to join.” However we are on chain, the LIP function is essential not as some outlived convention but as a formal way of communication and future reference for the community.

No one things there are bad intentions, but one shall come in first, share the intention with the community, inform about the proposal and see the vibe, share about the upcoming vote and then submit the proposal on chain.

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@bil Hey, I appreciate your interest and commitment in advancing privacy solutions. @ogma already shared the responsibilities of Stewards and I have nothing to add at this point. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on these questions and to discuss more how you see yourself engaging in the dao.

I changed the name as there is one more of such proposal.

The proposal: DAOhaus Admin

The messages in TG connected:

I also put up a proposal not knowing that was what I was doing exactly (following the prompts in the staking menus). Apologies for not following the proper steps.

I didn’t realize until after I hit submit that the steward request was pushing it in the form of a proposal on chain

I am genuinely interested in being a steward. I’m winding down my involvement at FreeRossDAO this month

I have some time on my plate to devote to another dao.

Hi ogma,
You guessed right. Perhaps applying for Steward wasn’t the correct move. But I would like to join a committee that makes investment choices. If that committee does not exist yet, I can help start it.
I am not after making money at this point and can commit most of my time for the above purpose.

Regardless, I am happy to be here and am going to be a squad. Can’t wait to vote.

@ogma @zero I didn’t get any opposing voices to my proposal here so I guess I’ll go ahead and vote for myself. I understand that multifig can veto the results or delay the process indefinitely, just doing this to be on the safe side. Thanks.

People mostly arent even aware of your proposal as you skipped the entire social process with LIP and communication around that. Furthermore you mentioned that this is not a responsibility you are ready to take upon and want to work on a research towards the possible investments.

The Sentinels won’t bother as this proposal is not putting the DAO in danger. It does not change anything regarding the funds. It will only list the new steward on the board.

A message from Telegram:

Loading, April 30th, 08:04 am UTC

Repost to not post in announcements:

I appreciate your enthusiasm Batman, but a stewardship isn’t free, nor is it contingent solely on your experience. You don’t work for a stewardship. Either we trust you as a DAO or you were a founder (or lucky and outspoken @yvesedwards).

I’ve got to say I have no idea who you are, your proposal is completely unjustified, the proposal message comes across as a troll. Voting no.

When I was joining, one of the last steps was about becoming a Steward so I did it. I had no idea people would be annoyed by that. I am offering free work, and I don’t understand one word of the @yvesedwards
I am not one of the founders.

How are researchers chosen?

So far there are three but one was not so active. The two leads of the research are:

  1. @saliveja wrote the LIP-0001 and was part of the Lunarpunk Future with Mel.

It’s also the author of this for example: Penumbra Protocol | Black Sky Nexus

  1. @serinko made some reports in the Investment Portal and for example this:

Both helped us massively with looking into the primitives needed and into the project presented in the initial raise proposal.

I think it would be great if you want to join the efforts.

@bil did the discussion made so upset that you have left the DAO with a large part of your stake?

@ogma I am not upset. I’ll stay a voter and will participate in the discussions. Just didn’t want to be called a troll etc. I can always invest in projects. Being part of a DAO is not necessary.

The response to join the research team was positive and seems fitting to everyone involved in the discussion, your wish of focus and the DAO development.

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Hi , i m new here i tried to vote for steward proposals today it is seems on chain voting it will cost TX fee over 26$ more or less it could deincentivise participants ? cab we have any other alternative

Hey @wooddud, welcome.

So far both of the proposed Stewards haven’t share fully what they want to do and how that fits to the current responsibilities. The first proposed one shared that it actually won’t fit the expectation and want to look into new investment proposals. Based on an answer (shared above) from a community member this Steward had ragequitted so the proposal is no longer valid. The second still haven’t shared any info neither.

The role of Stewards is much more about the responsibility, commitment and efforts than a technical thing to vote on, that’s the last step.

Yes , it is make sense I m totally in with you , My question for the future voting process it will be on chain ? likely it will cost TX fee overall how it will work for others proposals with less cost to incentive’s the participants ? Can we implement it in the other network instead of ETH ?

That’s a good question. The fees for the votes are surprisely high. We can discuss if to go off the mainnet but it’s a tricky situation. The DAO summoning itself was a rough biz speaking about gas fees.