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LunarDAO is about to host an initial Twitter space event. This event will be the first of a series of public discussion with developers, philosophers, builders, hackers, researchers and people representing interesting projects and ideas.

The first event will take place on Sunday, January 15th, 17 UTC on our twitter.

More info coming out soon!


Today we have to announce the Sundays Twitter space event. It will be a volume 0 of a series happening every few weeks. Please vote to decide on the name in the poll:

The name options - choose one:

  • Lunarpunk Future
  • Lunarpunk Partizans
  • The Squad
  • Lunarpunk Pioneers
  • The Lunarpunk Horizons

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It will be closed in 2.5h

So i guess Lunarpunk Future it is! :fire:

Very excited :slight_smile: :ninja:

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Hey all, more updates on today’s event!

:last_quarter_moon: LUNARPUNK FUTURE: Q&A PANEL WITH EXPERTS :last_quarter_moon:

TODAY, SUN 15th, 17UTC, twitterspace


  • @alexis_roussel (nymproject, bity, Relai app)
  • @Narodism (DarkFiSquad)
  • @jurbed (hacktrophy, paralelnapolis)
  • @nicksvyaznoy (web3nations)

:pushpin:If you have any question you would like to be asked, please share in this section!!

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Hello everyone! very excited to announce the second twitterspace hosted by LunarDAO!!
Check it out! :eyes: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

:first_quarter_moon: LUNARPUNK FUTURE: Q&A PANEL WITH SENTINELS :last_quarter_moon:

:loud_sound: Sunday, March 12th, 17 UTC, twitterspace.

:fire: moderator: @huxian333
:busts_in_silhouette: panelists:

  • @auryn_macmillan
  • @bZ404
  • @nicksvyaznoy
  • 1 core-team member

A talk with LunarDAO’s multi-sig’s about #lunarpunk future.

We will discuss LunarDAO governance and tokenomics, but also more broadly the future of privacy and the lunarpunk movement. If you have any question you want to see asked drop them here!! :boom:

See you Sunday, 17UTC :ninja: :v: