News on privacy issues

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I would be interesting to list all the surveillance measures that happen during covid as well as what approach ppl took as it happened. I remember how ppl in Hongkong used green laser to battle drones a few years ago.

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EU law draft on chat surveillance, written by The Free Software Foundation Europe.

"EU draft law on mandatory chat control with the supposed aim to effectively tackle child sexual abuse. This law implies the monitoring and scanning of the communications of citizens – even the securely encrypted end-to-end one. "

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Then there’s DarkFi. Despite their potential applications for central bank digital currencies, zero-knowledge proofs tend to shift the balance of power away from governments by making it easier for people to interact online in a way that stymies surveillance. A group of anarchist developers is building on the work of early adopters of ZK proofs — like, Monero, a cryptocurrency preferred by criminals, and Zcash, which bills itself as a privacy-focused crypto — to create an entire ecosystem of decentralized apps built around secrecy.

Such reports which are very bias and pretend the surveillance is not an issue at all only give wind to the privacy cycle.

Joshua Schulte was a CIA engineer and leaked information to Wikileaks about how US government and CIA are spying on people. It has been referred to as Vault 7, and you can find information about it here:

Joshua just decided to start a hunger strike to end to torture that he is subjected to. It breaks my heart to read about this. The pictures is the point of conviction and his letter in regard to his situation.

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you can feel the pain come through in that letter

Its really strong. We shall RT or support the message out there.

Not really sure where to post this. I saw that Paralelni Polis in Prague have a privacy and security meet up (they are regular) tomorrow at 1600-1800UTC with " talks on the issues of data protection on the Internet, techniques to prevent data collection by big browsers (Google), and other techniques to protect privacy in the online space." -
I’m sure there are many meet ups in hacker spaces, or elsewhere where people share knowledge, perspectives as well usage of tools. Would be great to share info on the forum and make workshops and discussions outside a digital space also more accessible to people.

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Hey that’s really interesting and for sure an idea to keep in mind. The link doesn’t work for me so dropping here this

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Not really news but still an interesting topic and to keep track of

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This is an important topic. I met few people who had them written down in their journal just open. Others made is so cryptic that they lost their wallet access as they forgot the algo.

It’s nice to see people do events like that despite the market conditions. The value is not in flipping tokens but creating parallel structures.

A good case to illustrate why having full control of your phone (e.g. GrapheneOS) is so important: NCLA Files Class-Action Against Massachusetts for


Hey @night-owl

Very happy to have you here. We use the wiki to share the knowledge. The collaboration is publicly shared in the Github repo. You can PL or just share the stuff in the forum in the section wiki.

Reading the stuff you shared now.

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Hi @night-owl !
Wow, that’s insane - I mean, 1M is massive. It’s ridiculous how at Google they just do whatever the hell they want with people’s info.

You mentioned GrapheneOS, which I like a lot. In your opinion, what’s the best OS of this kind around and why? Question open for everyone, ofc.

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The part on Graphene OS is getting developed in the wiki and will be published today. I don’t know of any better, but very interested to hear of other options.

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GrapheneOS is the best one imo

It gives users the almost the same level of convenience as a “normal” smartphone while hardening every part of it. There’s a handful of YT vids that explain it well if anyone wants more info:

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Thank you for links, will check out might be good to add to wiki as well. Graphene OS would also be my first option.

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Did anyone check out these documents?
These Wikileaks publications is a few years old and I’m sure a lot has happened since. Everything has it’s vulnerabilities, but please everyone move away from Apple/Mac/Windows it’s really bad.

I remember when the docs were released a few years back.

These hacking tools or potential ability of CIA hacking tools is helpful to understand risk: Vault7 - Home

Airgap jumping here: WikiLeaks - Vault 7: Projects

geo-location exfiltration: WikiLeaks - Vault 7: Projects

Many, but not all of the exploits are focusing on windows machines as well

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