LunarDAO - a manifestation of lunarpunk

The longest night of the year is here. Winter solstice is considered to be a momentum when the wheel of the year freezes for a second. The darkness is scary, it reminds death. Death creates space for a new life.

LunarDAO is a new beginning. It is utopianism in a dystopian world. It brings possibilities and connections. It is a community for gathering strength and resources to build our defenses, and utilize privacy and anonymity tools to further our freedom. To remove ourselves from Big tech and the surveillance society we need a strong foundation, through education, discussions, as well as projects and tools that give us the ability to practice counter economy, to grow the dark forest. We can direct out focus and resources on supporting the project who have our backs, who are realizing a lunarpunk future and a part of creating an alternative economic ecosystem.

Here is our manifesto.

In our wiki you’ll find information about the governance process, Genesis event (community sale), our tokens, $LUNAR and $VOX, as well as how to anonymize your assets and other privacy tools among other things.

Our places to strategize is here on Discourse and on ircd chat. If there is any need of support don’t hesitate to reach out in the Support thread.
Our moderators are @ramla and @violett.

Soon the Genesis event will take a place - the community sale of LunarDAO token $LUNAR. Everyone who participates will be airdropped our governance token which will remain we each as a token of our commitment to this community and our mission. Read more about the Genesis event and stay tuned for more updates!

We are excited for this to begin. We have a lot to do. let’s get to it.


Hello friends! :ninja:

Tomorrow Thursday 29th there will be the first LunarDAO community meeting!
Join us by setting up the “#lunardao” channel on 100% anonymous and decentralized ircd chat developed by DarkFi. Instructions are at this link: ircd

Meeting starts at 6 pm UTC.

Can’t wait to talk to you over there :new_moon: