LIP-0005: Contribute to DarkFi research and development

LIP-0005: Contribute to DarkFi research and development

  • Title: LIP-0005

  • LIP Category & Type: NFT

  • Contact: DarkFi

  • Date: 01.04.24


This proposal invites LunarDAO to contribute to DarkFi research and development. To honour the contribution, it is proposed that DarkFi gift LunarDAO an NFT paying homage to the intricate relationship between mathematics and nature.

The NFT displays a microcosm composed of three elements, an elliptic curve symbolizing encryption, encircled by a sphere of growing flora that nourishes new alien forms of life.

The elliptic curve is based off a Blender script that generates a model of an elliptic curve enlarged over projective space. Elliptic curves are central to cryptography yet in the complex space also equivalent to the torus - a fundamental geometry of nature and the universe.

In some ways cryptography is a form of magic. We are incanting mathematical spells to both attack and defend.


LunarDAO and DarkFi have a shared vision: both wish to expand privacy research and development and reform the crypto industry.

The NFT purchase symbolizes mutual collaboration between both communities while empowering researchers in advancing cutting-edge privacy tech.


DarkFi invites the LunarDAO community to support their efforts by considering a purchase of an NFT from DarkFi’s Dev DAO. The proceeds will be used to fund DarkFi’s R&D.

This act symbolizes the mutual collaboration and empowers DarkFi development and research.


  1. LunarDAO will make a contribution towards DarkFi research and development.

  2. DarkFi’s DevDAO will send the NFT to LunarDAO’s multisig.

  3. The NFT will be displayed on a webpage hosted on IPFS for everyone to see.

Status: Proposal

Vote Date: To be updated


Thanks for making this proposal to LunarDAO @darkfibull


  1. Do we have an idea of what the funds will be used for? Will it be used to to bring on more devs? Focus on specific tasks? If adding to Dev DAO for slush funds, thats a valid response too

  2. Will funds help expedite launch timeline? (I know ETA’s aren’t during a software development lifecycle)

  3. Is there a € amount that you’re looking for? lower or upper bound?

  4. If we agree on LIP, is everything on darkfi side ready to go, or will there be more work to be done from your end?

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Just to include another question,

Besides the mutual collaboration on DarkFi & LunarDAO common vision & goal

With this partnership proposal, how will it benefit members of lunardao who contribute to darkfi nft subdao proposal? Understand from Sadar that we will be launching a subdao for this proposal and individual contribution can be tracked



Many discussions took place in various chats. Some thoughts:

  • Make a syndicate type - separated raise, to prevent the people who are into darkfi have to expose their funds to the previous investments and initial lunardao squad members to vote about the share price
  • Make a raise which is capped by amount and or time (500k/1 week for example) - when closed, funds go directly to predetermined account and NFT is minted for this new sub-DAO per smart contract - no trust, just simple code
  • LunarDAO squad members (initial investors) can join as individuals as well as make a DAO proposal to submit some of the DAO ETH to this raise
  1. FEE
  • LunarDAO has been run on near to voluntary basis, the stewards discuss a FEE, which will be a small % of each allocation going to their multisig
  • Possibly as a % cut or by preminting shares for the multisig
  • Size and design up for discussion

Hi @sadar

The funds will be used to onboard more developers to the DarkFi ecosystem, with the aim to make anonymous engineering highly accessible to developers. We’re building a a DarkFi Dev DAO to support developers who want to contribute anonymously and be paid by the DAO. It’s a part of a general effort to support anon contributors, including using codeberg, building the anon chat with tor, etc.

Like you mentioned, ETA’s are very hard to estimate, DarkFi’s plan is to launch this year, given all audits are done and testnet has been running for a while without any problems. If it allows us to hire more devs then yes, it could expedite the launch timeline.

There’s no lower bound, but we’re not looking for more than 500k for research and development.

The artwork is done, the NFTs will need to be minted and displayed on a page, not much work needed.

Hi @0xHIRO

Unfortunately can’t promise more than what is already in the proposal :wink: