How to anonymize now with gone

If it’s already said somewhere I apologize and please direct me to it. I would like to stake ETH but not sure all my addresses are doxxed or not. Thanks!

You can use Firn Protocol at Bridge to Arbitrum or Optimism, use Firn to send to a new address, bridge back. Consider adding a bit for gas.


Hey @batman and welcome. I saw you posted a signal proposal to be ratified as a Steward.

I wonder what’s your intention behind that and if you understand how the governance work well.

Maybe read over the docs about Stewards: Committees

Furthermore there is a process to share a LIP with the community here on the forum to inform others what a proposal will be about etc. Here is an LIP template: lip/ at main · lunardao/lip · GitHub

LunarDAO wiki: How to anonymize assets (updated).

For anyone wishing to join before the Genesis event ends, see the section on anonymizing assets with XMR.

Hi, the wiki is not very updated - tornado cash is still mentioned… @ogma ?

Tornado cash is still working and is an option. It is which is deprecated. If there is a need to withdraw faster or in a different way, there is ‘Anonymizing assets with XMR’.

Not my field of responsibility, @zero here is the one to talk to.

You can see the changes on the wiki yourself:

Trying to keep it clean and therefore stopped at these options. There are many possibilities, which could potentially be included, and I welcome any proposal for additional ways to anonymize assets.

Ah OK, the link to the TC forums I clicked on didn’t seem to be working. Maybe it was just down for me.

Has anyone tried railgun ? I haven’t and not sure. I used firn.

I haven’t yet but it would be interesting to try out for sure.

I updated the links. TC archive was down where the link was included. it should be working now. Appreciate sharing when things are not working as it otherwise might be missed. Thank you.

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