FIRN Protocol Community Feedback

Hello LunarDAO Community,

We value your input and feedback on our future investments, and we want to ensure that our community has a say in the development and direction.

To help us gather your thoughts and ideas, we would like to ask for your feedback on using FIRN protocol. To make it easier for you to provide your feedback, we have created a simple rating system for the following questions:

  1. Ease of use: On a scale of 1 to 5, how easy was it for you to use FIRN protocol? (1 being very difficult and 5 being very easy)

  2. Issues encountered: On a scale of 1 to 5, how many issues or problems did you encounter while using FIRN protocol? (1 being many issues and 5 being no issues)

  3. Desirable features: On a scale of 1 to 5, how well has FIRN protocol do on the following features? (1 being not well at all and 5 being very well)

  • 3a. Security
  • 3b. Transaction time
  • 3c. Privacy
  • 3d. User-friendliness
  • 3e. Transaction Fees
  1. Comparison to other protocols: On a scale of 1 to 5, how does FIRN protocol compare to other crypto protocols you have used? (1 being worse and 5 being better)

  2. Any other notes/comments (The rating system is simple, if you would like to leave any feedback that goes beyond the scope of the original questions, please do so after your ratings.

When all the results are tallied, a higher score means a higher positive sentiment, the maximum score is 40.

We encourage you to be honest and constructive in your responses.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for your continued support of LunarDAO.

Best regards, Yves Edwards


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Hi, it seems that question 3 is rated backwards?

To be honest, I find the questions a bit generic. Have you used Firn?

I rate it 5 easy to use, 5 no issues, 5 no improvements required , 5 compared to XMR, TC and Aztec.

It’s not like anyone can just say please rewrite it to cost less gas?

I appreciate the idea of rating objectively in principle, but some of the questions seem n/a.

Just bridge some ETH to arbitrum or optimism, connect your wallet, deposit some ETH, withdraw to another wallet. And then deposit and send the amount this time to the first wallet’s firn address. And then withdraw again.

It’ll cost you a minimum in gas and fees but at least you’ll understand what Firn is. Then we can say of this fits the DAOs vision or not.


Thanks for the feedback.

  1. Question 3 was to be rated backwards, but it was still correctly aligned with the tally system (higher score being better). That being said, I did think it could be confusing for people and it might cause people to make mistakes, which would result in poor data overall. I have edited the question now to be more consistent with all the other questions.

  2. The questions are generic on purpose, the questions/rating system is supposed to be quick and easy for people to use, my thinking is that more people might not bother if it’s a lengthier response required. It is also a template that can be easily copied to other forums and shared on social media for the widest reach and amount of feedback. That being said, I do agree that it can do with better questions, this is just the first draft, it’s for anyone to critique and suggest additions.

  3. Getting people to use FIRN was the original idea, but as not many in the discussion had used it, I proposed we do wider feedback to catch people who have. 100% agree that using FIRN is the best way to know whether it’s actually worthwhile or not. I did think that maybe I should have added something to the beginning of the post that was a call to action, asking members to use FIRN first and then rate their experience, but I guess it’s also assumed that to answer the questions you’d have had to use it beforehand anyway.

  4. I will add a section at the end for “Other notes/comments”, so that we can still capture any feedback that’s missed by the simplistic rating/question system.


Is there a private survey monkey like tool that can be hosted somewhere? Or does this forum have a poll function?

Then we could capture and visualize the data.

I think it’s a good idea to have standardized form for evaluating projects.

On the other hand, here it’s also a financial question (I’m not good at finance), so like net present value, projected revenue.etc.

We are not deciding to invest in Firn or not based solely on “do we like the interface”. Or what are your thoughts?

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  1. I’m certain there must be a private poll tool like survey monkey that could be hosted somewhere, although I’m only certain because it seem’s like there would be, but will try to have a look into this for future. I just checked and this forum does have it’s own poll tool, so will use that moving forward, as long as the template is standardised, it doesn’t necessarily matter what the polling collection software/method is, we just need to input the questions and the value/score range.

  2. Visualising data was going to be the finalisation of the process, I planned to pool results and then present them in a palatable/appealing way, not sure exactly how, but I had the idea loosely in my mind when thinking about the results.

  3. Standardised forms are exactly the point of this post, improving on, adapting and evolving it was always the aim. I made it known in our discussions on IRCD that I thought we should have a standardised process/template so that we can more easily get results in the future and that I would begin to create one as an experiment.

  4. Projected value, net present value etc are supplementary to the results from these polls, this was not intended in any way to be used on it’s own to make decisions. Standardised templates for that stuff is a great idea too though, we should have user feedback stats as well as a formalised projection/current stats template, and they can be used in conjunction to get a more holistic view of the investment. On this note, I have proposed that we do a community analysis of FIRN, we get reach info from socials etc, number of users on network/chain, whatever data points we can get to build up a clearer picture of what the investment might hold in the future. This seems like it would also be useful for any project in the future that is in its early stages and has less fundamental information to evaluate/analyse, we might benefit from having a standardised process that gives us info we can use to make better decisions despite our lack of fundamentals.

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Thank you @Yvesedwards for putting this up. I think a simple and generic is actually desired as the system can be easily deployed for other projects in the future.

@Yvesedwards how comes max is 40? If max = 5 * (1 + 2 + 3a + 3b + 3c + 3d + 3e + 4 + 5) = 45. Am I missing something?

There is a poll in this forum. Right in the message bar is a cog for settings → build poll → bottom right corner for settings cog to get to the advanced setup.

The financial question connects to other sub points. ie if the interface is easy to use, or hard to navigate this may be a decisive thing for other users. Ofc this is quite subjective as some people prefer no UI, terminal running setup while others want to click around colorful icons.

Same with the fees. Ofc there is a solution to go through ARB which is cheaper, currently has higher liquidity and therefore larger anonymity set. However this bring questions like are people easily aware that this is the way, is the fact that they have to trust to optimist L2 a turn off etc. For me not a problem, but a good think to note down.

Agree, this form/poll is not to make a decision but can inform the community and the project to improve, adjust proposal, or users to learn from each other. In the end the goal is for the projects to make as adjusted proposals as possible and for the DAO members to make as informed decision as possible. This decision translates into everyone’s vote and that is the mean deciding move here.

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