Actionable tasks

A room to share outcomes of weekly meetings. List of work need to be done.

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TASKS from the meeting - April 8th:

  1. Get Moros grant proposal finished asap (forum, @0xHIRO )
  2. GC20 grant finished this week (forum. @hux @Huxlux )
  3. Answer questions around LIP-0005 (forum)
  4. Push out the finalized blog post and share it (stewards)
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Some updates to the tasks


TASKS from May 20th meeting:

  1. LIP-0005 (community)
  2. Schedule FIRN Space (@hux - @Huxlux @sadar ) Do we want to do it on twitter or try this one on telegram?
  3. Conference/community outreach (community)
  4. darkirc transition material (@zero)