0xHIRO Joining DAO Proposal

Having a keen interest in decentralization, privacy tech, and coordination, I am keen to see a financial system that is both accessible and innovative while prioritizing individual privacy. Which aligns with the ongoing evolution of financial technologies and the transformative impact they can have on the global financial landscape.

I have been closely following the crypto space since 2017 and have 10 years of experience in FINTECH & Crypto through work and personal experience. I would like to help LunarDAO identify opportunities, and work on operational or other steward function (i.e taking notes & summarising & etc) that will help to advance the state of privacy. Please ask me any questions; happy to get votes from the majority. And would like to stay as anonymous as possible as well.


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Hey 0xHIRO,
Great to see your interest, there’s always need for more hands

We spoke at the community meeting and we discussed looking for more projects as there is only so much bandwidth between the few of us

& you specifically mention being able to help in that regard here! :muscle:

No need to doxx yourself, what I would ask from you is if you have any critiques that you see of LunarDAO thus far, point out what you think may be an issue

and if you dont see any issues, drop some ideas on what you think would be the first things you’d want to get involved with

Happy to have your interest in LunarDAO the next few months should be exciting

Hey Sadar,

Im just curious on funding like what’s the burn rate to sustain this DAO?

And also what are the recruitment plans? How are we partnering other privacy or parallel economy platforms?

Understand that its a niche group here and also its design to have some bearer of entry however, i believe in getting more recruitment to assist in the workload or get more funds to further deploy. One way to attract i feel is some kind of referral program. As like minds attract each other.

Besides introducing privacy tools, i guess we can introduce privacy mindset. And i guess showcase what is it like to live a life using all this privacy tools(i.e What does a daily life of a privacy advocate look like?)

In addition, i would recommend using some kind of AI recording tool to record meetings(i.e twitter spaces or interviews with projects) . I personally use some of those tools and it really cut down hours.

And later we can summarise or note down those points.


There were brief discussions around costs in this thread LIP-0002: Funding LunarDAO operation costs

The costs came from:

  • dev efforts coming from getting the contracts setup
  • server costs for maintaining services (websites, irc infra, git infra)
  • management and research

The past few months, we’ve been running lean as people have gotten busy, so we’ve been running around with a skeleton crew.

This is a good question

  • we’ve been trying to build the community and introduce LunarDAO to more people
  • leveraging PriFiSyndicate to bring partnerships and bring like-minded groups together
  • twitter spaces to bring thoughtful conversations forward

but that leaves the question open, what else are we doing, what are the next steps? I think its time to look for new raise opportunities. We stated previously the goal was to raise ~4 times a year. The community has grown since our first raise and think we are getting to the point a new raise makes sense, as long as we find a project that fits into our investment profile.

Agree on bringing in like-minded people that have an unwavering vision, what would the referral program look like?

yes, this sounds amazing, We can discuss what tools you suggest to help with content (recording meetings, creating summaries, etc)

Hello @0xHIRO
Good to meet you. @sadar explained most of it. We are in a low bandwidth mode. things are much slower than they used to be.

To set the entire DAO up and build reputation took a lot of energy and full time of several people over a period of half a year. This was not sustainable as people can go from savings only for some time.

The entire core team (Stewards) is anon… The reputation is based on:

  1. The code the DAO is built upon (Moloch and DaoHaus)
  2. The Sentinels
  3. The trust in the privacy community and some people “representing” the DAO ideas in cryptospace openly.

The membership in the Squad (holding > 0 VOX) is without permission-less but only open during the raise events. You could then join the squad only during a raise event or make a proposal.

Such proposal would include the amount of ETH (or other ERC-20 asset) which you would lock into the on-chain escrow (part of the proposal)l in a pre-agreed sum. This sum would need to represent the price of VOX and the DAO would vote if to mint this VOX to you account.

If it passed, your ETH goes to treasury and your VOX to your account.

VOX are shares: Price of VOX is total value of DAO treasury/# VOX in existence. And this is a bit tricky, because we have to price in:

  • All Assets in the treasury currently
  • All future assets (DAO has a contract ownership of future FIRN tokens and the profit of their ownership)
  • The fact that people entered in the depth of bull run and paid some of the operational costs
  • The fact that the Firn proposal passed 8 months ago and people had to keep their assets locked

There are two ways:

  1. We try to count VOX value including all the points and see if both you and the Squad can agree on this sum and make a proposal
  2. You wait to join the next raise. This one may be to the same DAO (treasury) or in a fashion of syndicate where new treasury would be created for next investment

Hi @ogma, would you be able to give me a rough estimate on whats the avg amount for a raise or rather what was the min a member contributed during previous rounds? And from my understanding since the member participate in any of the rounds, he/she will receive VOX tokens which will represent the value of all investment that LunarDAO have done before in this case its just (i.e FIRN Protocol and existing ETH)

Lastly, can member swap their VOX token for a selected token in the DAO (i.e FIRN or any other future project).