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We have been following Session for quite a while now. Some community members had some troubles with the app, others were happy about it.


I was trying out SimpleX chat which is withoug any ID. The user can change name at will just like in ircd. It can run on android as well as in terminal. I’m surprised that more haven’t started using it tbh.

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@nullchinchilla do you know of this project?

would be interesting to hear your evaluation.

Haven’t looked at it, will do, but i’m used to Session. It uses the Oxen Service Node network.
You can read more about session here if interested.


I think its because its still new, and adoption is slow

Heres a link to the LunarDAO simplex chat

The link seems going to SimpleX landing page btw.

Even on nostr there is a push towards privacy

I support all the pushes for Privacy.
I’ve been on Nostr for a while. The thing that i didn’t like is that from my experience Nostr is mostly filled with narrow minded Bitcoin maxi’s. If we want to explore privacy tools (we all benefit from that) we need to be able to openly discuss other projects rather than bashing them because they might be considered Web3 projects.

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Yes, I know, it’s a shame, anyway the “bad contents” problem is widely spread in “free speech”, uncensorable technology: everywhere, in the dark web, I see racism, homophobia, white supremacy… a lot worst than Bitcoin maximalists. Anyway technology and contents are not the same, we can push “other” contents on it

Here is the correct link for the public LunarDAO simplex channel

It seems not correct: “Invalid connection link”