Investment Proposal: Firn Protocol

Please see below the OTC sale contract. This contract was reviewed by the DAO stewards as well as members of the Hedgey Finance team, and verified to be sound and secure.

Within 12 hours LIP-0003 will be submitted to vote

It is a substantial portion of the treasury, please read carefully and double check.


  1. Update LIP of the contract link and calculations - Firn PR, LD Stewards merge
  2. Publish a blog post about this investment proposal - Stewards on it
  3. Get one last review of the new contract
  4. Build the proposal
  5. Announce + share

Building the proposal

  • In the builder UI enter name, desc and link to the last LIP version
  • Action 0
    • target address is the escrow contract 0xF6c9D03b76B845f6e3B9AbA22af4fB51856a58A6
    • value is $45,000 USD / $1,891.95 USD/ETH = 23.784ETH in Wei 23784000000000000000
    • Function executeDeal()
  • Per governance an Investment proposal has 0.5% management fee, that will be part of the proposal as Action 1
    • target address is the contract DAO 0x747da68facd1459e9d9b8f928418da30769d3ba1
    • function mintShares()
    • Value = 0
    • param Address is Stewards’ multi-sig safe: 0xAb501a8Eb58c9780eb04D683feB504fcE391A2DD
    • param Amount is 0.5% worth of $VOX = (total_vox / 0.995) - total_vox = (3712.53 / 0.995) - 3712.53 = 18.655 $VOX in Wei = 18655000000000000000

Feedback welcome!


Firn protocol invest proposal submitted

The proposal to invest in Firn protocol has been submitted yesterday and is open for voting 72h.





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